South Project’s social this week was “Bigger and Better.”  Guys and girls rooms were paired up, given a paper clip, and instructed to see what they could get at the end of the evening from trading the paper clip.  My group went to a neighborhood of beach houses, and traded the paper clip for a key chain, which we traded for sunglasses, etc.  In the end, we ended up with a copy machine, a giant mirror and a box of dishes.  When everyone got back to Project, each group presented their items.  It was crazy to see what resulted from trading little paper clips – a beach umbrella, chair, mattress, bike, android tablet, desk, and fishing poles, just to name a few.  Project now has several useful items that it didn’t have before!  

After the social we had s’mores as an encouragement from the Rebellion team.  These s’mores weren’t your average s’mores – we put Reeses peanut butter cups, Twix bars, or Cookies and Cream bars on them instead of just the traditional Hershey chocolate.