Friday mornings are bible study days.  Both the North and South projects come together at the Garden City Chapel and listen to Matt Reagan’s instructions when it comes to studying the bible.  The primary bible study method for the summer training project is the inductive method.  This is a bible study method where we only examine a couple of verses at a time.  First we make observations and ask questions based on our observations.  Then we interpret using the context of the greater passage, the context of the book, and ultimately the context of the entire bible.  Finally, we apply our interpretations. A bible study training session basically goes like this: Matt Reagan lectures on an important topic in terms of bible study, and then as a group we practice going through a passage with the inductive method.  This past Friday, Matt Reagan walked us though bad reasons to study the bible.  He wanted to dispel any misunderstandings as to why we study the bible.  Then he gave us reasons we should study the bible.  It was a very helpful lesson; I often find my motivations to be improper instead of good.  I would encourage everyone to give it a listen; it should be posted online by the end of the week.