Tonight was the synchronized swimming social.  This is the social where every guys room performs a 2 minute synchronized swimming routine, and each girls room chooses a guys room, based on their performance, to take on a group date.  Ten guys rooms planning a synchronized swim can become quite the spectacle, and last night a small crowd of strangers came to watch the ironic spectacle of guys performing swimming routines—let’s just say there is a reason that men’s synchronized swimming is not a high school sport. Nevertheless, my room did our best.  We danced as fairies, took our shirts off and swung them over our heads, created a shark in a formation, and slowly rose for a dramatic belly flop at the end.  We performed with success.  The girls room that chose us took us on what I believe to be the best group date of the night.

First the girls took us to Home Depot (from a male perspective, this is already fulfilling).  Here we split into pairs and each had ten minutes to find random items within the store and place them in a shopping cart.  Then we switched carts and were given half an hour to put them back—this is not an easy game.  Sadly, my partner and I lost.  After half an hour, we still were unable to put all of the items back.

The best part came next.  The girls took us out on the beach, where we mysteriously ran into another group date.  Conflict broke out between the two of us, and conveniently, there were bags of food nearby.  Peanut butter, Hershey’s syrup, whipped cream, honey, and other food items flew through the air as we creamed each other with edible ammunition in a food fight frenzy.  After we ran out of food, we did the only natural thing—we ran into the ocean to try to clean off.

So with peanut butter still plastered to my face (it does not clean off in the ocean), I proclaim it a well-planned date, a night well spent, and another successful social.