Last week was a little bit different.  It was relationship week. Monday night Matt and Lisa Reagan co-spoke about their story and what they have learned in their relationship.

Tuesday night Matt spoke more directly into what the bible says about dating, and then the guys and girls split off into breakout sessions.  The men’s breakout session was a question/answer time.  I don’t know what the girls did.

Wednesday night was the D-groups.  My D-group focused on passages about women, and we talked about how we could be good brothers to our sisters in Christ.

Thursday was the synchronized swimming social, followed by girl-planned group dates.

Now we are back onto our usual schedule.

It is interesting to see how guys and girls interact during relationship week.  Those in relationships with others on project are seen spending more time in what appear to be serious conversations.  Those in relationships with someone not on project are seen talking on their phones more often than usual—I cannot imagine with whom they would be talking.  Those that are not in a relationship seem to avoid the opposite gender in general.  After all, hearing so much talk about relationships makes everyone nervous to date.  One way or another, behavior seems to be effected in some way by relationships week.