This week was busy.  Five talks, one d-group, and one social, all on top of 40 hours of work.  Therefore, the Awkward Encounters team chose going to the movie “Brave” as our social for the week.  While it was very relaxing to go to the movie, sit down, and be entertained for two hours, this social was not your average movie-going experience.  Each room had to dress up their room leader as a Scottish person (the movie was set in Scotland), and the room leaders were presented in costume for the Project and had to speak in their best Scottish accent.  Lucy Liu won “best costume” for her creative attire and accessories, which included a homemade bagpipe.  The room leaders remained dressed up at the movie, which prompted many stares by fellow movie-goers.  

Before the social, Project participants split up according to campus for “Campus Time.”  “Campus Time” is an opportunity to get to know other people on your campus, pray for each other and your campus, and to think strategically about ministry opportunities for the coming year.