We have about 14 work days remaining before STP is over.  The majority of people on South Project work at Walmart, while the others work Chick-fil-a or Crystal Burger or have internships.  Two girls on Project have internships at a local animal hospital and everyday come back to Project with cool stories.  Here are some of their thoughts on their internships: 1)      It’s interesting and fun because they’re getting experience in their future field.

2)      They get to see surgeries (for example, today they were bubbling with excitement as they anticipated watching a hip surgery).

3)      Some downsides are that they don’t get paid and don’t experience much workplace community since they are not working with other people from Project and most of their coworkers are older professionals

Overall, despite being scratched by animals, getting thrown up on, and getting headaches from the barking dogs, these girls are really enjoying their time at the animal hospital!