Here at Project, we are blessed to have TONS of resources for spiritual growth: Biblical teaching, an emphasis on Bible study, a community of believers, and more.  In recent weeks, there have been several co-workers who have come to Project talks or have hung out at Project.  It is cool to be able to encourage them towards Jesus through sharing the resources we have been given.  

One set of co-workers that came to a talk was a Mormon family that works with a lot of students from Project.  They are receptive to us as people and are willing to talk about spiritual things.  Please pray that they would become believers!


Another girl who has come around a lot is our age and is a believer already.  She works with a lot of us, and is excited to learn more about living life in light of the gospel.  She’s heading to a local university in the fall and has talked about getting involved in Campus Outreach there.