Last night, we got together with the Leadership Project Greenville, which is the same thing as STP, but instead of being students from the Minneapolis Region, it is students from Greenville and Lynchburg.  Leadership Project Greenville is located in Myrtle Beach, so we found some fields at a halfway point, and we met on neutral ground. The Olympic games were comprised of six events: soccer, kickball, softball, tug-of-war, ultimate Frisbee, and dodge ball.  Each event was done with surprising intensity, but the competition was all about encouragement.  At the end of the six events, the games were tallied.  Our project won soccer, dodge ball, and softball.  Their project won kickball, tug-of-war, and ultimate.  If you are keeping count, that makes a tied Olympics games.  Ties are not acceptable.

In order to determine the title of athletic victory, a final relay was set.  Comprised of dizzy running (spinning around a bat before running around a cone and back), an old fashion wheelbarrow race, leapfrog, and a final sprint (down and back a football field, this relay was the deciding factor.  Our summer training project proved to be athletically superior.

Regardless, the purpose of getting together was not to compete, but to be encouraged by other believers, and to allow us to interact with brothers and sisters beyond our project.  After the final games were played, we split into small groups and prayed with each other.