Some Campus Outreach students, at least from the U of M and St. Thomas, often go swing dancing together during the school year.  This swinging tradition has seeped into Project as well: on Wednesday night, we went to a local church and had our own swing dancing “social dance” time.  It was fun to hang out, dance and talk in the middle of a busy week!  

On Thursday night, we danced some more after the job social; this time, however, it was salsa.  We have several Latino people here on Project, and they taught us the steps.  Some coworkers from Walmart joined in the fun, as did a bunch of people from North Project.


At curfew on Thursday night, the team leaders had a surprise for us: we could stay outside past curfew as long as we weren’t hit by water balloons thrown by the team leaders.  The winner was a guy who hid in the dumpster for over an hour.  He ended up calling the team leaders after they thought everyone had been found.  The prize better be good… the dumpster was really nasty!