There are six teams on Project:

1)      Pimpo my Ride

2)      Gefilte Fish

3)      Rickrollers

4)      Tune Squad

5)      Tomb Raiders

6)      Servant Team

Yes, we know some of these names are strange. Each one has a back story, so feel free to ask a student!

On Wednesday afternoons, after we’re done with Bible Study Training, the teams break out for Team Time.

Team Time can look very different each week for each team, depending on what the two team leaders plan. As a general rule, Team Time meets the ‘need of the hour.’ This may include planning for upcoming events, playing games and bonding, or simply cancelling Team Time for the week in an effort to give students more time for rest.

There are over 100 students at Project. It is nearly impossible to get to know 100 people very well in a short two months. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to discern who to spend time with. Students can easily stretch themselves thin trying to get relational time with everyone on Project. It cannot be done. What can be helpful about the structure of Project is that students naturally get more time around certain people, and that opportunity allows for deeper relationships.

Let me explain a bit further what I mean by "the structure of Project": We have over 100 students on Project. However, we are placed in rooms, on teams, in jobs, and we each come from a particular college campus.

Students typically spend the most time with their roommates. This allows for deep relationships to be formed and fellowship to grow.

The second largest chunk of time is usually spent with the CO students we directly work with (i.e. all the students in apparel at Walmart). We spend nearly 40 hours a week with our coworkers, and sweet conversations and bonding time often happen while at work.

Students naturally gravitate toward people they know from their college campuses back home, so there is natural relational time with those friends.

So how do teams play out in this? Being split into teams allows us to get to know students we may not otherwise spend time around. For example, I am on team Rickrollers (shout out!). One of my team leaders, Jake, is a male from Northwestern. He is going to be a senior and he works in the sporting goods department at Walmart. If we were not fellow Rickrollers, would I have ever gotten to know Jake?

If I were to guess, I would say….probably not? Probably not.

Thus, a key component of teams and Team Time is that they help facilitate bonds and brother-sister relationships that may not otherwise develop. We are united with our teammates in a sweet way that helps enrich fellowship, and sweet fellowship points us back to our savior, Jesus Christ.

Which is what Team Time, Project, and the rest of our lives are ultimately about.