Campus Outreach Minneapolis has created a new internship for Summer Training Project! We are looking for a graphic designer to design this summer's theme logo & t-shirt! This intern would work with CO staff to create and refine designs for all of our needed graphics related to the STP theme and logo. We are also still looking for someone to fill the videography intern position. 

If you're interested in either of these roles please submit an application ASAP! We'll be choosing a designer by next Monday, March 23rd!


GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERNSHIP  |  Design the 2015 STP logo to support the theme and create other graphics related to STP 2015 theme

Read more about the Graphic Design Internship here in the Job Description.


VIDEOGRAPHY INTERNSHIP  |  Help produce recruitment videos and help students relive the summer

Read more about the Videography Internship here in the Job Description.