A Project Favorite, The Low Country Boil Social is always a huge hit.

Each year there is endless amounts of awesome food, creative outfits, dancing, and just havin’ a good old time. Some key ingredients that make up a low country boil include: corn, sausage, potatoes, shrimp, onions and don’t forget the ketchup and cocktail sauce! Kayla Thom’s favorite thing to eat at the boil is the fresh shrimp. She explains, that she enjoys peeling apart the shrimp because “it asserts dominion over her food.”

It is also perfectly acceptable to be messy at this social, it can even add to your outfit. Deena Phadnis loves the craziness of the boil with the food being dumped out on the table and everyone digging in. Everyone is always super excited to chow down, but it’s so hot that you have to wait for it to cool down or risk burning your mouth. While anxiously waiting for the next batch of food to come out there were also giant pickles, watermelon and lemonade to eat.  

Another aspect of the social are the crazy fun outfits that each person puts together. Preston Huft enjoys seeing everyone’s creativity with their costumes. This year there was an option to be a hick, a southern belle, or a classy gentleman. Some reoccurring dress attire for the hicks included; flannel t-shirt, jorts (jean shorts), overalls, braids, and temporary tattoos courtesy of Nikki Jilek. While the well-dressed ladies and gents sported fancy dresses, floppy hats, polos and khakis. However, some were ridiculed if they didn’t participate in dressing up. 

To top the social off, everyone was on their feet dancing. There was some country, hip hop, swing, and much more. Beka Forker loved the line dancing most of all. Even though it was so humid and hot, it didn’t stop the dance party.

Year after year, the low country boil never gets old. It brings everyone together through messy eating, creative costumes, and showing off fun dance moves. 

Here are some great candids from the social: