We have a little over two weeks left at Summer Training Project, and the thing I can’t get over is how much God works in the two short months that we are down in South Carolina. For some people, Project is an experience filled with life changing revelations every day. Sometimes it’s an experience that continues to push people along the trajectory they were already graced to be on. Here is a glimpse into what God has been doing in some of the students’ lives the last few weeks:

“God has really been showing me that nothing I can do will change or affect people, but I need to rely on him to do the work in people. That’s also been super humbling. I’m really excited to keep building deeper relationships with other people as the summer goes on – both with old friends and new friends that I’ve met this summer.”

Sam Reid, Room Leader

Junior, University of Northwestern


“God has been teaching me a lot since being at Project. The most important thing I’ve learned is to trust in God. I’m a very independent person, so relying on God has been a struggle. He’s always so faithful to me though. When I do turn away from my own path and follow God’s it ends up being a hundred times more rewarding. My favorite part of being down here is D-group time. I love learning new things with Taylor and Tori. I also enjoy their openness and guidance. And the snacks. And us just laughing all night long. I’m looking forward to building more friendships this summer and also going skydiving!”

Hope Burnham, Disciple

Sophomore, Saint Cloud State University


“One thing God has taught me since coming to Project is the value of surrounding myself with fellow believers. I love the community and the intentionality of Project. Having the accountability of studying the Bible with other students before work, being in a discipleship group with my roommates, and discussing the talks with other students have been very helpful in growing my relationship with God. I have really enjoyed the Thursday night socials, Friday night encouragements, and spending time with friends, whether that is swing dancing or singing hymns together after work on Saturdays. It is sweet to have something to look forward to after work and participate in activities with other students who I may or may not otherwise see during the day. I look forward to continuing forming deeper friendships with people at Project. With only one other student coming to Project from St. Thomas, I did not know many people prior to the summer. It has been encouraging to talk to people one-on-one and to hear their stories. I am grateful for the friendships I have developed here.”

Maria Bell, Disciple

Sophmore, University of Saint Thomas

“If I had to point to one thing that God has been teaching me during my time here, it’s that I need to put my trust in him and in him alone. Before I left for Project, I had been living a life in which my happiness was derived entirely from earthly desires. Time after time I put my faith in relationships, sports, partying, and other things. Each time I was left broken. That’s where Project comes in. I signed up out of desperation, hoping to build relationships that would last. Yet I am leaving with the only relationship that could ever truly fulfill me – a relationship with Jesus Christ. My favorite part of Project has been the environment that it creates. This is the first time in which I have experienced a community that is so comfortable with who they are as individuals. The love they have for Jesus and for each other has been evident from day one. At this point in the summer, I’m really looking forward to going back home. In a conversation with Reid early on this summer, he related Project to a fire hydrant, with a steady, powerful stream of information blasting from it. I’m interested in the transition back into life in MN and how God uses that information to transform me and my life.”

Bailey Fey, Disciple

Junior, University of Minnesota