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If your student is an athlete, you’ve probably heard him or her talk about AIT.

If your student is not an athlete, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

AIT stands for “Athletes in Training.” Here’s a link I think you’ll find helpful:

This video sums it up better than I can describe. In part because a picture is worth a thousand words (so a video is presumably worth more) and also because...

…well, I’m not in AIT.

BUT! I do know the people who are. So let’s hear what they have to say about it, shall we?

I asked a few of the AITers some questions about the program and their lives as college athletes. Here’s what I found out:

AIT is a 4-day-a-week program for athletes. This year, the sports they are training for include football, basketball, rowing, soccer and ultimate frisbee. The athletes gather at Crabtree Gym, where they have indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate any and all training needs.

But physically training for a sport is not the only purpose of AIT.

I asked KatieJo, a sophomore softball player at St. Thomas, how AIT has affected her this summer.

“AIT has definitely taught me how to play for the glory of God and how to thank him for the abilities that he has given me. Last season, being a new believer, I didn’t really know how to play for someone other than myself.

During AIT we’ve heard talks, listened to sermons and testimonies, read through Bible verses, and prayed for our teams back home. I’m excited to go back and play for the glory of God.”

Sara Kallhoff, a soccer player and junior at Northwestern, agreed.

“AIT has definitely helped me realize that discipleship and showing God, whether I’m playing my sport or just spending time loving the girls on my team, is what matters. Soccer isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is that I’m showing and sharing Christ with the girls on my team.”

So yes, AIT helps to physically prepare students for their seasons. But more importantly, it helps students cultivate a gospel mindset about sports and remember that they are followers of Jesus first, and athletes second.