Project is one of the most unique communities I have ever had the opportunity to be part of. Our little hotel on the coast of South Carolina has become a sacred space made up of vulnerability, growth, and life-changing transformation. Through early morning bible studies before work, talks given by staff and student leaders, discipleship groups with rooms, and deep conversations that free people up to be fully known by those around them, the power of the Gospel transforms lives right before our eyes. God has been showing up in mighty ways here and showing us that He is the only one who can change the hearts of those here at Project who do not yet know Him.

A question that might be coming to your mind right now is, “Isn’t everyone who decides to give two months of their summer to a discipleship program already a Christian?” The answer to that is, no! Not everyone who comes to Project is walking with Jesus and this is the purpose of STP; that students would grow in their love for Jesus and that He would become the ultimate treasure of their hearts. While we learn in Ministry Training on Wednesday afternoons how to share the Gospel with those around us, a lot of our talks are focused on helping students become self-feeding followers of Jesus through reading the Word and practicing other spiritual disciplines, as well as getting to the heart level, uncovering sin, and asking hard questions like, “What is holding you back from accepting this free gift of your Salvation?”.

The Lord has graciously given students at Project the absolute privilege of watching His Gospel transform the hearts of people we love here. I personally think that it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen and I am in awe of how much God wants each of our hearts. Students have met Jesus in this space, students are currently meeting Jesus in this space, and students will continue to meet Jesus in this space. Praise God for the souls He has saved already this summer and for those He is fiercely pursuing!