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Our Redeemer

It is the last full week of project and students are preparing to go home. We will no longer be doing beach ministry and working at Walmart. So who’s our ministry now? Where do we go from here? 

The Campus

Monday night David Cook, student project director, gave a theme talk about Jesus being our redeemer and what this looks like in ministry. 

“Jesus has redeemed us and invites us to participate in His redemption where we are.” 

The gospel is the story of redemption and how Jesus makes us to be like Him. I’ve been thinking about what this looks like in my life and how my interactions with people reflect my relationship with Jesus. 

This next school year I will be living in the dorms at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. I’m going to be around new, freshman girls who may not understand the true meaning of the Gospel. This is my ministry. Going out of my comfort zone and showing freshman and sophomore girls the love of Jesus is worth more to me than getting a good grade on a test,  making a lot of money, or building my resumé. 

This summer I have been convicted of so many ways I spend my time selfishly and don’t let the message of the gospel permeate every area of my life. 

Our Reward

If Jesus is our reward, why am I not jumping at every opportunity to serve Him? If we lived in a community of believers that inspired us to do so, how would our campus change? I look forward to the opportunities that will arise living in the dorms as a senior. God is worth going out of your comfort zone.



Life Training

Every Sunday morning, before heading off to church, we start our day with Life Training.

Which is what, exactly?

Probably what you would guess: talks about various life topics and what it means to look at the world through a gospel lens.

So...what topics?

Glad you asked!

So far, we have investigated subjects like “Free Time,” “Free Identity,” “Worry Free,” and “Free from the Love of Money.”

Obviously, there is a trend amongst these topic titles. Our overarching theme of “Free” is a topic that the staff and team leaders want to incorporate in each talk.

Cody Walkup and Patrick Rydeen are giving these talks now that staff are gone.

The point of Life Training is to dialogue about topics and equip us students for the years to come. College ministry, for most of us, is only a short season in our lives. We want to be a people who love Jesus and are walking with him for the rest of our days.

It is important, as well as practical, to address topics that everyone in our society faces through a biblical lens. We will all deal with things like handling finances, struggling with people-pleasing and body image, working jobs and making disciples in the workplace, and balancing between being over-committed and lazily idle.

That is essentially the point of life training. Once the talk is over, the floor is opened for question and answer time. We students are all struggling with different things, and certain topics really hit home for individuals. Q&A is an opportunity to ask the pressing questions that the talk hasn’t already answered. If the staff or team leaders do not have an answer, then the group collectively works to discover what the Bible says.

Although the Bible does not explicitly say, “This is how you should view working at Walmart this summer,” we can ask ourselves the question, “In light of what the Bible does say, how can we view working at Walmart this summer?” We can find Biblical truths to shape our worldview, and we can find Biblical truths to combat the lies we believe. When God is working in our hearts, the promises in the Bible change our perspective on everything.



We've All Gone Home

This morning all of the staff and students woke up at 5:15am to head back to Minnesota and Michigan. We woke up, ate breakfast, prayed, and hit the road by 6am.Last night we had our final meeting where Andrew Knight shared with us about not missing opportunities to spread the gospel back on the campus, but by faith trusting God to do big things through our lives. That talk will be available online next week. At the meeting we also revealed the project video and t-shirt. The video will also be available online next week. In the coming weeks, we will put some quotes from students about all that God did in their lives this summer. Thanks to all of you who followed our blog all summer and prayed for us down at Myrtle Beach.




Since yesterday was the last day of work, many disciples jumped into the pool last night with their job uniforms on as a SBP tradition. Today is a free day and disciples are heading different directions. A good amount of disciples are visiting Charleston, others are going to be visiting North Myrtle, and some are just going to stay around project and enjoy the day.




seven days fom tuesday is tuesday

During Bible Study Training, Josh Schrock focused on Meditation. He shared on its significance in the Christian walk, that as needy people, Christians need to constantly meditate on Scripture and internalize its truths in order to grow. There was Team Time after that. Most of the teams got their team shirts today and many disciples wore them last night before curfew.

Mike Polley will be leading the final Theme Training today. He will be sharing on "Suffering: Living in Exile."

double share



eight is the days we have left

Tonight we have the final Bible Study Training headed by Josh Scrock. These last couple days will be directed toward reflecting and focusing on our vision for our various campuses in the coming semester. Natin Moreno says, "Please be praying for courage and boldness as these dashing young students are impassioned by the grace of our loving God." For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain -Philippians 1:21 (ESV).





Wednesday night, project had guys and girl's time once again. Disciples really enjoyed their time. Girls and guys met at their respective meeting locations and spent time asking questions to a pnel formed by team leaders. As for Thursday, after a long day of work it was show time. Guys had to perform a synchronized swimming routine for the ladies in order to win a group date for the night. However, because of a storm the show had to be stopped, nevertheless, every guy's room was paired up with a girl's room for the night.

Disciples are starting to work on cleaning. They have been given a list with the different tasks that need to be done before everyone leaves project.

synchro swimmin




Last night, as you already know, Jack Thompson led bible training. His talk was about the "application" of Scripture, and the importance of it. It was an edifying time for all the disciples to remember that if one wants to be transformed by the Gospel, it is essential to believe it. Supper and team time was moved to Okey's church (Pine Drive Gospel) due to rain and some difficulties with getting the project meal on time.

As for today, Mike Polley is in charge of theme night once again. He will be sharing about "Prayer," the power of an exile. Once again, we would appreciate if you can keep Mike Polley and the disciples in your prayers as they study the Word.