Jessica grew up going to church every Sunday, but it was never about a relationship with Jesus. She had a lot of brokenness and hurt from relationships in her life. In high school, she placed her identity in her activities and her self-image. Jessica grew up on a small farm in Iowa and made a big transition when she moved to the Twin Cities to attend the University of Northwestern. When she got to college, she realized that the these things she once placed identity in did not last. She found herself crying out to God. She finally realized that God desired a relationship with her. She saw the love of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross as being sufficient for her. She began to desire to know God more deeply and began to be burdened by those who did not know Jesus. However, there was something still missing in her walk with the Lord: other believers.

During her sophomore year, Jess met a friend in her hall. This girl invited Jess to church at Bethlehem and invited her to Campus Outreach events. Jess experienced community and fellowship like never before. Jess felt freedom to be vulnerable like never before. She committed to three summer training projects and to owning the ministry by discipling younger students. Through her time in CO, God slowly began to change her desires in life to be successful. God gave Jess a deep passion for sharing Christ with college students and investing in their lives. After graduating, Jess felt a strong call to go on staff with Campus Outreach. She is excited to go on staff and share Christ with girls that are hurting and need the hope of Jesus Christ!