Bethel Campus Staff

I grew up in a Christian home with parents who modeled what Christ-like living was. For a long time I didn’t truly understand what the Gospel was. My parents started encouraging me from a young age to read my Bible which really helped to form my faith. When I was in 9th grade the Lord gave me a community of believers through the youth group at my church, who came alongside me and continued to show me the love of Christ. Since then, the Lord has constantly been showing me just how much better he is than any idol that I can have in my life. Even in my sin, God has come towards me and brought me to himself, so that I may know him more.

Throughout college at the University of Northwestern St. Paul the Lord has placed a passion for doing college ministry deep inside my heart. I owe a lot of this to my time in Residence Life as well as the opportunities I have had to be involved in CO. The humility and the love that the staff showed to me gave me the desire to want to do that for others as well. With CO I hope to walk alongside others and show them the love of Christ just as others did for me.