I grew up in a Christian home where the Gospel was consistently preached, but it took until my junior year of high school for the truth of the Gospel to finally take over my heart. My mom was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor when I was 5 years old. To treat the tumor the doctors did a surgery that severely affected her brain. This created a drift in our relationship that ended up showing me just how sinful I really was and that I needed a savior to allow me to approach God.

I then attended the University of Northwestern. While I attended UNW, a senior football player named Mike began to spend time with me. As we spent more time together Mike began to show me how the Gospel radically changes every part of your life. This began to affect how I spent my time, treasure and talents.

I have become passionate about spreading the good news of the Gospel to those who have never heard and those who were like me, trying to live comfortably with the world and Jesus. I am a campus staff who has a passion for discipleship, evangelism and reaching the lost world by affecting one life at a time, just like Mike did for me.