Vision and Strategy

Our Vision: "Glorifying God by building laborers on the college campus for the lost world"

Glorifying God

The ultimate purpose of all creation is to bring attention to God and to glorify Him. Campus Outreach exists so that He may receive continual praise, honor and glory from us as we find our joy in Him.

by Building Laborers

Building laborers takes many resources, but the returns on this investment are immeasurable. Our prayer is that students will graduate who are not only equipped to build their careers, but also the Kingdom of God.

on the College Campus

The college campus is a strategic mission field. College students are at the crossroads of life making time-time decisions and moving out to influence the world. This is an ideal time to challenge them to live according to God's word.

for the Lost World

The purpose of Campus Outreach Minneapolis is to reach the world for Christ by mobilizing laborers to proclaim the Gospel throughout the world. Our vision is that trained graduates would provide leadership in every sphere of influence (the church, medicine, community, business, education, missions, etc.) at home and around the world.

Our Strategy on the Campus


We start by sharing the Gospel with college students in hopes that they will accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior


We then help the students become established in their walks with God by building a h5 foundation of prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and evangelism


We then help equip students to teach and disciple other students in the way that was modeled for them


Finally, we want to export students into the harvest field to use their abilities and gifts in the way that we believe that God wants them to. We really want them to take their experiences and the things they learned in college with them wherever God calls them.

We do not have a set curriculum that we take students through, but we try to get to know the students and their needs and desires and then fit the things we would teach them around that. We also have a few big events through out the year that we encourage students to attend so that they can grow more in their walks with God: New Years Conference and Summer Training Project. You can read about them on our events page