Briana grew up in St. Cloud, MN and moved to Minneapolis in 2013 to attend the University of Minnesota. During her time in college and her involvement in Campus Outreach, God helped her to personally understand that even though Jesus knows everything about her – her sins, failures, joys and sorrows – He still died for her so that she could be welcomed into the family of God. Since then, her passion for sharing that good news with others has been growing steadily as she has led Bible studies and discipled girls these past few years.

In her junior year of college, Briana began thinking about becoming a CO staff person more seriously. As she began to see more of the brokenness in the world, God began to move in her heart to give her the desire to spend the next part of her life sharing the Gospel full-time with college students like herself. That desire was confirmed during her time as women's director of Summer Training Project in 2017, as she watched girls' hearts be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Her prayer is that, during her time on staff with CO, that she would get to be a small part of the work that God is doing in the world, and that lives would be changed for the glory of God and the joy of others.