Alli grew up in a pastor's home and spent the majority of her adolescent years trying to attain a standard she thought Christianity was holding up for her. But her senior year of high school, her eyes were opened to the blatant sin in her life and she began noticing her failure to attain this standard. The first semester of attending the University of Northwestern - St. Paul, the Lord used circumstances and a few timely relationships to open her eyes to Jesus' perfect achievement of the standard that God has for us. It was at this time that she understood that the only way she could live a life in relationship with God was through Jesus Christ, who laid his life down to save her from the sin that separates her from God.

After connecting with Campus Outreach that year as a student, Alli's passion grew for relational discipleship that helps people see Jesus as he really is. Stepping into the role of Office Manager for COM's Resource Office seemed like the perfect fit as she neared the end of her college years. Alli loves to serve under COM's vision of building laborers on the college campus for the lost world.

Alli has been married since June 2015 to her husband, Jake. They live in the Northwest Metro of the Twin Cities.