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  • The CCP Team Members

    The last blog I wrote was about this year’s CCP team. I spelled out the what, where, when(ish), and why.

    But what about the who?

    It’s time to introduce the 2014 CCP team!

    This year, the Campus Outreach staff members leading the crew will be Steve and Lindsay Discher. Both graduated from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. They are currently ministering at Bethel University.

    The students teaming up with them are Ben Hansen, Kate Hoyles, Chris Lovdal, Lindsey Oawster, Maura Bickner, Kevin Langmade, Peter Scheerer, and Meaghan O’Toole.

    I asked each of the students to give a little information about themselves as well as tell what they are most excited for this summer. Here are their responses:

  • CCP 2014

    If you’ve heard of Project, you’ve probably also heard of CCP.

    If you haven’t, let me fill you in.

    CCP stands for “Cross Cultural Project.” Every year, CO Minneapolis sends a small team of students and CO staff overseas for part of the summer. For the past few years, the location has been India. The teams would spend time building relationships and sharing the gospel with college students on a campus in New Delhi. Last year, there was an additional team sent to Lebanon to explore potentially expanding Campus Outreach to a college campus in Beirut.

    This year, the CCP team will be traveling to a place no Campus Outreach Minneapolis CCP has traveled before…

    Drum roll please…

    …..THE U.K.

  • An unexpected Purchase

    There are only eleven weeks left until the start of the Summer Training Project.

    Before we know it, those of us who are Project-bound will be standing on the beach in Garden City, South Carolina, watching the sun set on another sultry day in the south.

    Did you catch that?

    Garden City.

    Not Myrtle Beach.

    That’s right folks, STP is not returning to the dirty Myrtle or the Aquarius motel. We will once again be living at the Oceanview motel in Garden City, where STP was traditionally held.

    What’s the deal with that?

    Story time!