U of M International Staff

Dan grew up in Michigan and is blessed with a Christian family with a love for people from all over the world. Dan trusted Jesus as a child and grew in His faith in his home and in the local church. He went to Grand Valley State University to study medicine and was involved in his local church's college ministry. After graduation Dan went to Moody Theological Seminary to study cross cultural ministry. After teaching in Chicago for three years, he married Kristy, then was called to Wisconsin to serve as Pastor of Student Ministries.

In 2016 it was the right time to transition to a new ministry after 14 years as a pastor. Dan’s commitment to Biblical theology and local church ministry led him to Campus Outreach. People from all over the world are in Minneapolis so it is possible to have a small part in reaching the world from a US city. Dan loves personally connecting with International students and is serving the CO staff by networking and helping equip students to effectively reach across cultural barriers to build lasting relationships. Kristy teaches French at a local school and they are the proud parents of three children.

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