We have finished our time in the UK. On Wednesday morning at 5:15 in the morning, we left our home of seven weeks and began our long journey back to the United States. But before we went back home to Minneapolis, we set off for South Carolina to spend a week at Summer Training Project. Summer Training Project is a two month event, put on by Campus Outreach, which consists of 130 college students who are there to learn more about their faith in Jesus Christ and grow together in a strong Christian community. If you want to learn more about it, they too have a blog on the Campus Outreach Minneapolis website.


So why are we here?

We are here for a few different reasons. Ultimately this team is here to lead Missions Week here at Project. After having an incredible experience sharing the gospel and witnessing God work in the UK, we are excited to get the opportunity to share our experiences with the students who have committed their summers to learning more about Christianity. All of us who are on the team have been to a Summer Training Project before, and many of us felt a strong call to be a part of world missions because of a Missions Week in the past. Myself included. For this reason we all feel very blessed to be down here in South Carolina now being the people sharing our experiences. We are praying more students would feel convicted to be a part of world missions after hearing what God has done in our lives the past seven weeks.

So what does it look like for us?

One goal we have here is to have conversations with many students face-to-face. We do this so we have an opportunity to share what we did in the UK, explain how God was working in the UK, as well as answer any questions students would have about our time, or about missions in general. Another thing we are involved in is the “Theme Night.” On Monday, the students attend a “Theme night” talk, where they hear a message about the theme of the Project. This Monday, we will be involved in planning that night, and our leader Steve Discher will be giving the talk to the students about world missions, and missions in the UK. Finally, we are also taking some time for ourselves to process through what happened while we were in the UK, and prepare to enter into normal everyday life once again. It is harder than it seems.

So far we have been here for a few days, and have had lots of good conversations with students. We ask you would pray for us and the students here. Pray that a desire would grow in their hearts to see the name of Jesus made known throughout the world, especially in places where people do not have the opportunity to hear his name.

Thank you so much for reading this blog throughout the summer, and for your prayers for our team throughout the summer.


-Kevin Langmade