Monday was a challenging day. The day started with the entire staff and the few students without jobs going to look for one. The staff and around 14 other students prayed before making their way into town. After going around Garden City, we got the news that a couple of students were able to get jobs, which we Praise God for it.Since the theme of this week is “Relationships,” Ken Currie and his wife Teresa had the opportunity to share their story. Later on, our brother Ken talked about “True Love” and what it meant to pursue a relationship under God's sovereign plan. Moreover, tonight Ken is going to share the second part of his talk about “True Love.” At the end of this talk, students are going to be able to interact with Ken and Teresa through a “Question and Answer” platform. Therefore, keep praying for those students who have not been able to find a job yet, and please pray for Ken and Teresa as they share of what God's has putting on their hearts for tonight.