Yesterday many of the students worked from 2pm till 11pm. Therefore, students enjoyed their morning by getting in the word, going for a run, sharing their testimony with each other, or catching up on sleep. For instance, Gaby Linder from Northwestern College, who is doing Athletes In Training (AIT), describes her Fridays as "fabulous”. She is working at Bi-Lo and loving it. "The best part of working at Bi-Lo, is the interaction that I can have with costumers" she says. Furthermore, some students are happy for having their parents or friends down visiting for the weekend. This morning, parents, friends, some of the students and staff had breakfast along with a sharing time. Mrs. Lorence and Sarah Evans were the ones who had the opportunity to share what God has been doing in their lives. Moreover, Andrew Knight had the opportunity to present what CO is all about, and what is the mission of this College Ministry to those who were not so familiar with Campus Outreach.