Dear STP Participants, Most students generally sign up for a checking account while at project. You need to be able to deposit pay checks, setup direct-deposit, write checks for STP costs (Rent, etc ...) While it is not required to have one, it is strongly suggested. Because no Minneapolis based bank is in SC, we have partnered with First Federal Bank (the bank that is inside of Wal-Mart)

They will give you $25 after having the account open for 90 days (If you setup direct deposit, or make 30 Debit Card Purchases)!!

In order to be ready for filling out paperwork on Friday, May 28th's job hunt day we have the ability to pre-setup your account by filling out the form below. Please take 5 minutes and fill out the attached form. This form is completely secure.

Please fill out the attached form and bring $50 cash to project to start the account. Don't worry about a photocopy of your Drivers License or Social Security Card, the bank will collect these at project!


  1. Do I have to open a checking account? No, It is strongly encouraged though! No Minneapolis based banks exist in S.C. Many of you will be writing checks throughout the summer.
  2. Do I really get $25 for free for opening the account? Yes - just keep the account open 90 days, and utilize either direct deposit or make 30 transactions on your check card.
  3. Do I have to use First Federal? No, but most students will either work or shop at Wal-Mart so it makes it very convenient!
  4. What about my Wachovia account from last summer? Feel free to use again, or cancel and open a First Federal Account.
  5. Does my home Wells Fargo account work with Wachovia in South Carolina? You are able to use Wachovia ATM's but are limited to selective services.
  6. Will there be First Federal Representatives available for questions at project? Yes, when you arrive to project on Thursday May, 27th First Federal staff will assist you, collect paperwork and signatures.