On Saturday the students headed off to long shifts of work and a large group of students went to play soccer at 8.30am (to help the soccer girls in AiT) and then to work afterwards.Sunday found us at Life Training and Matt Messerly spoke about Work & Rest (The gospel makes work restful) and then the CCP (Cross Cultural Program) team (India team) introduced themselves formally and gave a short talk on the unreached people in the world after showing a video. Everyone went to their respective churches and thoroughly enjoyed time to rest in the afternoon. There were group dates, some students went to the movies and about 4pm a storm started up and there was a full on mud-fight, followed by running into the ocean and then the 40 or so students played ultimate football (ultimate Frisbee with a football) in the rain with lightening licking the skies and finished off by swimming and body surfing in the ocean. Being here is now a reality, people are getting tired so yesterday was an appreciated day of rest.

Matt at work!