Everyone worked on Saturday (Ait played soccer in the morning) and those that had the time made it to Bi-Lo for ribs, hot dogs and hamburgers – free for us as STP! That night (at 11.30pm when everyone was back from work) we had a send-off for the India team.

On Sunday 4th July, Matt Messerly spoke on Time Management (our time and our life has been redeemed, it doesn’t belong to us anymore so we are to manage, budget, spent, invest and give it away). There was Campus Time after Life Training for the different campuses on Project to get together again and then everyone went to church.

In the afternoon in celebration of the 4th there were volleyball games going on as well as a pool “spoons” game. Project meal was moved to Sunday (instead of Monday) and Larry made the burgers for our cookout! That night everyone went to the beach to watch the fireworks (or went to Surfside to see the display). A lucky few were able to enjoy a boat ride from the manager at Bi-Lo and then go to a Brazilian restaurant in celebration of the 4th – the people at Bi-Lo have established relationships with us over the years of STP and are happy to bless us with these things.  A number of co-workers have been coming to Project to find out what it is all about, pray for our relationships with them and gospel conversations.