Students, bring your laptops to the prep party tomorrow to register for jobs. This is an email reminder that you are having a MANDATORY Informational/prep party for the Summer Training Project on Friday, May 6 at 6pm at Bethlehem Baptist Church North Campus. If you need a ride, contact a staff member or an older student that will be attending the party.

Dinner will be provided.

We will be filling out a few applications for jobs online, so bring your laptop if you have one. In order to fill out the application, you will also need the following information. 1. Social Security Number 2. Jobs information: - Two references from past employers - those two references’ phone numbers 3. Employment history - bring info about your last 4-6 jobs - the more you put in the better your pay could be 4. Educational Experience - dates you've attended college 5. Special Certificates and Licenses - Commercial Drivers License, automotive licenses, etc. 6. Language Skills - if you are proficient in a 2nd language

Bank Accounts: • Every summer we strongly encourage students to sign up for a local bank account in Myrtle Beach, SC • We can't force you to sign up for an account, but we dont want you to have to pay $10 fee every time you need to cash a check • It generally works very well to have an account in Myrtle Beach before you start your job at project • If you have a wells fargo account, that now works with Wachovia We are providing you the resource tomorrow at the Prep Party to get your account setup before we get to project so you can have your debit/check cards established when you arrive.

Please Bring to PREP PARTY: • Drivers License • 2nd form of ID (Social Security Card | Passport | Birth Certificate)