Yesterday, disciples enjoyed a morning of rest.  As they spent the morning relaxing, the leaders went to leaders training.  Andrew Knight gave a talk on becoming a godly leader. One point he made was that as leaders, we too should always fight to make sure someone is leading us.  As someone pours into us and points us to Christ, we can pour into others and lead them to Christ. During the afternoon, Reid Jilek gave a talk on evangelism to everyone.  We watched a clip in which an atheist made the point, "How much do you have to hate someone to not share your faith?" He said that if you knew for sure that heaven and hell were real, why would you not be urgently telling others of truth? This stuck out to many of us because we often shy away from sharing our faith. However, the reality is startling, that unless people know Christ, they will be forever eternally sepertaed from Him.  This comment gave students much to think about.

After evangelism training, students went out on the beach to share their faith.  This was a wonderful time for students to practice sharing what they believe with others.  Many students desire to continue praying with those that they had shared their faith with.  Even though people may not immediately accepted Jesus Christ as the way to God, it can be seeds that are planted.