Thursday evening, we held our annual Decade Bowling Social.  The night proved to be an exhilarating night of dressing up, bowling, and coming back to project for ice cream cones. Everyone dressed up according to their teams. Team Dougie dressed up as the 90's, Team Strike Force as the 80's, and Team Fun, Fun, Fun as the 70's.  Most students planned a trip to the local Goodwill store during the days leading up to the event.  Students had an enjoyable time dressing up as outlandish as possible.  Once at the bowling alley, a guys room was paired with a girls room and they competed against one another.  When the bowling was over, students came back to the project where the team leader girls scooped fudge icream out for everyone.

Everyone enjoyed a night of silly dressing and fun bowling.  Here are some pictures from the evening: