Every year at project, we place an emphasis on evangelism. While down here, students are encouraged to evangelize to their employers, friends, family, and even people on the beach.

Every Wednesday we set aside time for students to evangelize.  Everyone goes out on the beach and shares their faith. From what we have observed, this seems to be an excellent equipping skill for students.  Students are able to learn how to share their faith, their testimony, and explain who Christ is for the sinner.  This is equipping students to share their faith with peers on their individual campuses and in the workplace, both present and future.

Although students mostly share on the beach, some Wednesdays we evangelize in other ways. For example, a few weeks ago, we had students write a letter to a friend or family member back home.  In this letter, they explained the Gospel and the impact it has had on their personal life.  Yesterday, we called someone from back home that we would want to disciple us, minister alongside us, or disciple in the fall.  Students prayed through specifically who they want to be involved with next year.  Our desire is that they would go back to the campus in the fall with a vision to know Christ more in their lives and make Him known to others.