The bible study training this week was about applying biblical truths to our lives.  Michael Wikenheizer (Wiki) has been leading bible study training in place of Matt Reagan since the staff left.  In order to really talk about applying scripture, Wiki mentioned first focused on the importance of memorizing and meditating on scripture. Application is difficult because we want to focus on internal application, and not just external application.  For example, the concern is not so much being able to show patience toward others, rather we want to have an attitude and mindset of patience.  The hope is to not be constantly thinking “patience…patience”; instead we want to have an attitude so focused on patience that our outward patience is only a manifestation of an inward reality.  We don’t want our patience to be a façade—we want to be truly patient.

Therefore, memorizing and meditating on scripture are important in the application.  In order to allow our hearts and inward sinfulness to be changed by the sacrifice of Christ (apply scriptural truths), we have to meditate on scripture.  In order to meditate on scripture, truly chew every morsel of truth from the bible’s pages, we have to memorize scripture.  These things are all related, and all important.