Campus Outreach, at times, seems to adopt its own vernacular.  Although this vernacular is very helpful for us as members of Campus Outreach, I believe that it is helpful for outsiders to have some definitions.  Here is my best attempt at describing some common CO terms. “One on ones”: a one on one is a time shared between two individuals of the same gender for the purpose of getting to know each other.  This is a time most often shared between a mentor and his or her disciples, but it can occur between any two individuals of the same gender.  This time is most productively used to talk through sin, give council, and learn about each other.

“Talking through sin”: talking through sin is an activity used most often in a one on one.  It is often approached as a series of questions aimed to identify, confront, confess, and ultimately repent from sin.  To be truly successful, t is an activity that requires both teachability and vulnerability.

“Getting in the word”: getting in the word is merely slang for studying the bible.