After hearing my schedule, my mom once asked me, "Is project even fun?" It took me a couple seconds to process my answer and realize that, to any project outsider, STP's schedule may seem like a roller coaster ride that never seems to slow down, but instead picks up speed. It may seem like all we do is work at Walmart and sit in talks, if we are not working out or evangelizing or eating and sleeping. Reality is, it feels just like that, but in a good way. The extensive structure and impossible alone time definitely increase the wear and tear on our bodies, but that does not mean there are not moments of total joy that come from it. The irony of it is that most of the time we do not know what to do with the free time we get. Often, you will find us under the tent playing Mafia, in the pool, driving to Cook Out or Steak n' Shake, processing information, or (it may be hard to believe) find us buying groceries at Walmart on our day off. Sleep and time off are our most valued commodities. STP may sound like we're always chasing time, but its not all work and sweat. In fact, most of our memories made during our craziest moments where we let fun slip into the picture.

Watch some of the beautiful, fun moments we made this summer in the videos below!