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So, I'm in this thing called a 'D Group'....?

Every Tuesday night is set aside for D Group.

But what’s a D Group, you ask?

Good question.

Different ministries and churches use different terms: small group, prayer group, accountability group – the list goes on.

We have D Groups.

The ‘D’ stands for Discipleship. Campus Outreach is a life-on-life ministry in which we strive to know more of Jesus and grow as a community by walking through daily life together, pressing into each others’ lives, and pointing each other to the cross of Christ.

Every D Group, whether at Project or back on the campuses in Minnesota, has a D Group leader. At home, the D Group leader is usually whichever Campus Outreach staff member is on the campus. If there are more D Groups than the staff member has a capacity for, leadership primarily falls to older students in the ministry.

At Project, roommates are in a D Group together. The room leader also serves as the D Group leader. It’s an opportunity to grow together as roommates, friends, and fellow believers in Christ. Life-on-life discipleship is especially sweet when you literally live life together every day.

The first night of D Groups on Project are traditionally the ‘testimony night.’ Each person in the room has the opportunity to tell his or her story. Students can share as much or as little as they are comfortable with. Some are contented sharing twenty minutes worth of information, while others take hours to share their testimony. Both are wonderful to hear, and testimony night is helpful for students to dive into vulnerability and get to know one another on a deeper level.

After the first week, the remainder of D Groups during Project look a little different from room to room. Each room is comprised of unique students, and room dynamics vary, resulting in different needs for different rooms. Regardless of the goings-on in each room, D Group is a sweet opportunity to intentionally spend time as a room, speak Truth into each other’s lives, and help each other know more of Jesus.

And knowing more of Jesus is ultimately the point of….well, everything.