Jason Meyer and his family paid a special visit to us during project. While he was here, Jason gave a talk about the great value of being part of a local church. He quoted Jim Elliot saying, “Wherever you’re at, be all in.” He shared about the common sins of both older leaders in the church and young college students. He said the older  leaders can get stuck in tradition whereas college students can get caught up in thinking they have right theology and are further along in their faith than they are when they really need to learn to walk faithfully and humbly. He emphasized that we’re really not who we think we are until we are a part of a local church, for it is there that our love for the church is truly tested.  He also reminded us that God didn’t just save us as individuals but as the “household of God” (I Tim. 3), an entire people, and as such, we are a family in God’s house.