Who will be there?

Students from Bethel University, University of Northwestern St. Paul, University of St. Thomas, University of Minnesota, and St. Cloud State University. You can like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram to connect with other students who are applying to the Summer Training Project.

What Dates do I need to know?

FEB 16 | Apply by Feb 16 at midnight to hear back on acceptance by Feb 20th
FEB 28 | Early Bird T-Shirt Commitment ($150 non-refundable deposit due) & get a free STP t-shirt
MAR 31  | Application Deadline
APR 3 | Extended Application Deadline
APR 3  | STP Commitments Due
APR 5 | Extended Commitment Deadline for Late Applicants
APR 7 |  Launch Party: Support Raising Training & Work Applications
MAY 3 |  Prep Party & Work Interviews
MAY 30  |  Participants Depart Minneapolis for Myrtle Beach
JUN 21 - 23  |  Parents’ Weekend
AUG 1  |  All Students Arrive Home to Minneapolis 

How much does it cost?

Rent at the STP is approximately $200 per week. The cost of the total project is $1900 which includes housing, project materials, and some meals. Students work local jobs to help pay expenses and are strongly encouraged to raise tax-deductible financial support from churches, family, and friends as an additional means of financial help. Upon confirming your participation in the project, there is a non-refundable $150 deposit due that will go towards the cost of your STP ($1900). Campus Outreach trains students biblically and practically for the support raising process. Transportation to and from project is an additional cost if you do not bring your own vehicle but would like to travel with the caravan ($200 for fuel & hotel).

How do we raise support?

Once you're accepted, we'll be training and coaching you on the entire support raising process.  There is a support raising party on April 9th that you'll attend and get a lot more information.  We also have some great support raising resources for you to use.

How do we get to STP?

Students and staff drive their cars down to the STP. If you do not have a vehicle that you can drive to the STP, then you can ride with other students. We all leave from one location so that we can better ensure that no one gets lost on the long trip down to Myrtle Beach. The leaders caravan will leave Minneapolis on May 28th and the participants caravan will leave on May 30th.

How do I apply?

Applications are now open. Apply here! 

Need an internship?

We encourage students to have a conversation with their local staff person about jobs/internships this summer. In order to maximize your development and training at project, we recommend first year students to not pursue an internship. If you are a second year student and you are interested in pursuing an internship, the project has several project internships that will help you gain skills and help you reduce the cost of STP.

Find out more and apply here: cominneapolis.org/stpinterns

If your major requires an internship we recommend you still apply to STP, apply for a project internship, or pursue internships in the Myrtle Beach area. There are a number of students in the past who have pursued and found internships in the Myrtle Beach. We recommend you take the initiative and pursue opportunities in Myrtle Beach and work with your local staff person.

What about athletes?

Varsity athletic needs are a high priority of the STP. Varsity athletes are held accountable by staff and fellow athletes to maintain excellence in their respective sport through training, practice, and mutual encouragement. Athletes adhere to STP athletic commitments, which afford the student athlete the freedom to workout according to their coach’s training regimen, but also employ supervised accountability to ensure they fulfill their team’s requirements.