Each week at project students participate in four main trainings.
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Theme Training

Each project is characterized by a particular theme through out the summer. Themes of the past have been Known, Worth It, Free, Awake, At All Costs, etc. These talks usually go along with the book of the Bible that we read and study through the summer. Talks focus on who God is, Gods love for us in sending Jesus to die for us, what that means for us, and how he is redeeming us to be more like him. 

Personal Worship Training

Why do we study the Bible? How do we study the Bible? How do we meditate on God’s Word? Where did the Bible even come from? These are just a few questions many people have as they dive into what it means to follow Christ. This training helps us learn and grow in your understanding of who the God of the Bible is and how we can know more of him through his Word. 

Ministry (Evangelism) Training

Maybe you have questions about sharing your faith. Why and how do we share what we believe in? What if we don’t know all the answers? How do we share with friends and family who don’t even believe in God? Evangelism can be scary, but we have a God who loves to people to himself and a God who is with us through it all, even in sharing the hope we have.

Life Training

So we understand what God has done for us through Jesus, but how can we apply that to our lives? How does Jesus fit into everyday life—school, money, work, manhood, womanhood, etc. These trainings help us to understand that when God saves and redeems us, he begins to redeem all aspects of our life. And longs for us to see more of him, even in the everyday activities of our lives.

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