For our Project Social this week, we played a game of "Bigger and Better," the gist of it was to find something bigger and better than the other teams through a series of trades and bringing it back home to show off crazy items and funny stories. Some people came back with sofas, gum-ball machines, a colorful pair of bikes, and even jobs. Random treasures are not the only things that are becoming "bigger and better." We are all growing in community daily as we share in the word, eat, and live together. We also had our first Campus Time this week. Each group prayed for their campuses and God's plans for us in the coming semester. On a lighter note, three group dates are already underway with others anticipated for the coming weeks.



The group picture was taken yesterday, hopefully this means that it will be up in the gallery relatively soon. Other pictures from this week have also been uploaded to the gallery, <check them out here>.