The disciples had the morning off and got into the word, hit the pool and/ or the beach or just slept in! The room leaders and team leaders went off for their own discipleship groups (everyone is a disciple and accountable to someone else) and everyone gathered at Garden City Baptist at 1.30pm for Evangelism Training. The gospel is what is to motivate us to go and share the good news! After that the different teams hit either the beach across from our motel or Surfside Beach and spoke to people! There we rejections, but there we also many that listened and responded in different ways. As a storm rolled in everyone got back, had a team debrief about the experience and then had root beer floats in the rain. The evening was a time of rest where some people went on group dates, others headed to the pier to look for sharks and others spent time in the word. At 10.30pm everyone gathered for Campus Time to pray for their campuses back at home.