Today found most people working in the morning and afternoon, and at 2.30pm the Athletes in Training headed to Crab Tree Memorial Gym for the third time since they arrived and their focus was on their individual sports – more technical details and some lifting. At 6pm there was a project meal that came from Chick-Fil-A and the five teams ate together as they planned for the competition that night. The challenge of this weekly social? To build a boat that would be able to go back and forth across the pool bearing at least one person and in accordance with the given theme. The themes were: Navatica, The US Navy, Titanic, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and A Romantic Night in Venice. Every boat was able to get to the other side (although there was some wet cardboard involved) and even the Titanic managed to sink and then transform into a lifeboat and reach the other side of the pool safely. All in all a fun social organized by staff! Making the ships seaworthy in creative ways