Rachel from Ait shares...“We are getting to know the workers at Crabtree Gym and yesterday we engaged with Kenny about life, what it means and its purpose. Maggie and I shared the bridge diagram with Kenny [a tool we have been using for beach evangelism]. He didn’t become a Christian there and then but was receptive and seemed to be challenged by it, keep him in your prayers.” Gospel conversations have started happening! After work and Ait there was the great awaited photo-scavenger hunt social: “Where in the world is the CCP team?” We had to photograph different people in the groups (a guys room and a girls room were teamed up) doing crazy things at Broadway on the Beach Boulevard (5, 10 and 20 points for different activities) and if anyone found a dressed up member of the CCP team it was 100 points. We gathered back at Project after 2 hours of hunting, waited for the results (saw and learnt some Scottish dancing in the meantime) and saw the pictures – Erin and Nina’s team won!