Countdown begins. 10 days left. Everyone headed off for the last week of work (it has gone by so fast!) and there was AiT in the afternoon. We had Arby’s for dinner and then walked into the Chapel; it was dark and spooky with members from Sandlot dotted around dressed in black. When everyone was in, the music started and they started jumping around everywhere with glow sticks to pump us up. Chris and Linda were the MCs for the night, we saw a “STP Memories” (or “Ese-te-pe memowrias”) video and then Jens and Nikki walked us through a normal week for the team in India and read us the India team’s update – India is the prayer emphasis for the week. Steve Discher gave the talk on “Suffering”. The purpose of it? It’s for our good (it sanctifies, tests our faith and helps us long for heaven), it’s for other’s sake (so we can comfort them, so they can be saved) and because Christ suffered for our salvation (he took the punishment for sins, now suffering is not punishment but grace). Back at Project, Jeremy (who just came back from a CCP in Malaysia) shared some of his experiences there.