…It’s off to work we go.

A majority of the students on Project have been blessed with full-time jobs in the community. Over 50 work at Walmart. Also, there are some at Chic-Filet, Krystal Burger, McDonalds, Sonic, Buy Low, KFC, Painters, and a few various internships.

For many students, Saturdays mean longer hours, as there are no scheduled Project events.

Tonight, people are relaxing from a long day flipping burgers and stocking shelves. Some people are playing pool ball, some are throwing a frisbee, some are playing cards, and some are plucking the ukulele. As Rachel Sandager, Caleb Nordquist, Lucy Lou, and Max Cruz play Egyptian Rat Race (a card game), they reflect on their day.

Rachel (Walmart):

“I could smile for days now with all my practice as a greeter.”

Caleb (McDonalds):

“From beginning to end, you’re just making sandwiches, and you really don’t have time to think.”

Lucy (Walmart):

“My feet hurt, but I’m happy.”

Max (internship at a vet clinic):

“I got to save lives.”