It’s been a busy week since the last blog post.


We had a typical work day, with team time at 6 p.m. Each team (Goof Troop, Vector, and The Czech Republic) meets once a week to hang out and get to know each other better.

At 8 p.m., everyone returned to their rooms for D-groups – where each group of four or five students learn to love one another more through conversations, studying scripture, and praying.


Wednesday mornings student leaders and staff meet at Garden City Baptist Church for Leaders Training. Paul Poteat talked about the deep brokenness of everyone there, as well as everyone not there. He said that we need to remember that there are things deeper in the hearts of students than the things they do.

Then, the guys and girls from each team meets for their D-group. This is a refreshing time for room leaders and their team leader to catch up and offer one another encouragement and advice.

At 1:30 p.m. the whole project meets for Evangelism Training, followed by evangelism on the beach. This week, Jon Saunders talked about our fear of evangelism, and how our hearts show what we believe about the Father. He gave some practical reasons why we should not be scared of beach evangelism, but he also shared the real reason: God is a good god, and that he wants to give us good things.

So, we all went out in pairs and talked to people on the beach, asking them questions and sharing the gospel. Afterward, teams met to share stories about how it went, and then to pray about those specific people.

Wednesday night, many people went out on group dates (where a guys’ room asks a girls’ room on a date). At 8 p.m., Team Czech Republic provided s’mores for the week’s encouragement. Overall, it was a relaxing evening.


Again, Thursday is a work day. But Thursday nights, we have our project social. Last night was the social of all socials.

It was a low country boil, which has become an annual event. People had the option of dressing as a hick, a prep, or a barnyard animal. After admiring one another’s costume, everyone

enjoyed a feast of shrimp, potatoes, corn, and sausage – all piled on tables. Forks were unnecessary.

The night also included sing along with Paul. This was when Jordan Zurek’s inner Taylor Swift came out, as well as when Ben Shepherd’s Irish identity was confirmed.

Bobbing for limes was also a hit, but fun fact: Limes are cheaper than apples, but they sink. The night was finished with about three or four hours of dancing, even through down-pouring rain.


Like every Friday, we met at 9 a.m. for Bible Study Training. Elliot Stokes talked about how we need the Bible. “Your relationship with God is one vast need … that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Then, some people relaxed and some went off to work.


Mostly, we worked.


To start our day, Mike Polley talked about money and possessions at Life Training. He exposed our selfishness when it comes to these things, and how we are prideful about how much or how little we have. Hearing the gospel was very freeing.

At 11 a.m., everyone went to church, and then afterward rested in a variety of ways. Later that night was an optional women’s time, and the CCP group gave a presentation about India, explaining what they will be doing there and how we can pray for them.


This is the day the Lord has made! Pray that we will rejoice and be glad in it.