This weekend, the CCP India team arrived to our south project in Garden City! We are delighted for them to be here.  They have already begun to share a passion with us for reaching the unreached people groups with the gospel of Christ.

The team arrived on Saturday evening.  They were greeted by friends that were on project.  There is much excitement at both projects with the arrival of the team. Students are full of anticipation to hear of other college students that are eager to spend their summer spreading the gospel to the unreached.

Last night, both projects got together, and the India team gave a presentation.  They introduced the college students that are on the team, and gave testimonies on how the Lord led them to desire to go overseas.  Their testimonies were powerful for us to hear.  It is amazing to see Christ working in lives of college students, giving them vision and passion for reaching the nations.

The team's leader, Jack Thompson, gave a short talk on missions. He talked about God's heart for reaching all nations with His good news.  The Lord does not need us to fulfill His will, but graciously uses us to expand His kingdom on earth. Matthew 28:19 says,"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Jesus commands us to make disciples of all nations and promises to come back once every tribe and tongue knows His name.

According to, there are 2,549 total people groups in India.  Out of those 2549, 2238 are still unreached! That is approximately 88% of the people groups of India that are still unreached.  This is a sobering reality to believers.  Jack encouraged us to be active in reaching the nations. We can do this by praying, giving, or going.  As believers, we can play a part in God's plan for all to know His name!

Jack shared his passion for the lost world with us.  We are all blessed to hear how the Lord is raising up laboreres to give their time, lives, and money away for people to know Christ.