The time has come for the project staff to return to their lives in Minnesota, Michigan and South Dakota, leaving Project to be completely student-run for the second month. Today and tomorrow all of the staff are packing and either driving or flying out.

Last night was the farewell party. To start things out, Jon Saunders, Megan Cogan and Elliot Stokes downed a box of ice cream – not faster than the team leaders, of course.

Then, the students from each campus prayed for their staff, and it’s comforting to know that they are going to continue praying for us at Project.

If you want to pray for any of the 14 staff members from South Project, many of them will be raising support, so prayers would definitely be appreciated for that. Also, pray that the gospel would be greater and sweeter for them as they return, and that it would spread to their families, friends and students.

Here’s a list of South Project’s staff:

Jon and Vanessa Saunders – Michigan State University

Chip and Megan Cogan – Michigan State University

Matt and Lisa Reagan – University of Minnesota

Nick and Katie Stomwell – University of Minnesota

Lydia Schlicht – University of Minnesota

Mike Polley – University of Minnesota

Luke Christie-Perkins – South Dakota State University

Paul and Sam Poteat – St. Thomas

Elliot Stokes – St. Thomas